Quantitative Analyst

Luke Vecchi

Luke joined Gryphon in April 2021 as a Junior Portfolio Analyst. Luke is responsible for maintaining and developing the Company’s portfolio applications and will take responsibility for completion of various monthly and daily tasks essential to the evaluation and surveillance of the portfolios.

Luke has more than 2 years’ experience in securitisation markets. Before joining Gryphon, Luke spent 2 years with Perpetual Limited as a senior member in Trust Management developing advanced securitisation models across all asset classes; RMBS, ABS, CMBS - Public Issues, Private Placements and Warehouse Transactions. Prior to this he worked in various roles, including as a Revenue Analyst at the Australian Taxation Office.

Luke holds a Bachelor in Actuarial Studies and Bachelor in Finance from the Australian National University and is a CFA Level II Candidate.

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Quantitative Analyst Luke Vecchi
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