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At Gryphon Capital we understand the importance of keeping investors fully informed, particularly in changing market conditions. Our insight and commentaries are written by our portfolio management team and feature a mix of educational articles, thoughts and commentary relating to the markets we invest, our funds and trends in the global financial markets.

09 Apr 2019

Gryphon Capital Investments featured on CommSec Executive Series

Ash Burtenshaw, CIO of Gryphon Capital Investments discusses RMBS and house prices on CommSec Executive Series

06 Mar 2019

Apollo RMBS in the spotlight - "Suncorp mortgage bond failure" - cause for concern?

An article published in The Australian on 5 March 2019 generated some questions from clients of Gryphon Capital Investments and we wanted to provide some background and outline some key facts.

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09 Jan 2019

Meet the Manager – Gryphon Capital Investments

Mark Todd from NAB, one of the Joint Lead Managers in the IPO of the Gryphon Capital Income Trust introduces Ash Burtenshaw, Chief Investment Officer of Gryphon Capital Investments. Ash discusses the performance of the Gryphon Capital Income Trust.

05 Oct 2018

Gryphon: Adding portfolio diversification to your income

The Gryphon Capital Income Trust allows retail investors to access a fixed income asset class that generally has only been available to institutional investors. These listings allow retail investors to diversify beyond traditional income assets while maintaining a higher yield.

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04 Jul 2018

Morgans article – Diversification

Morgans one of the Joint Lead Managers in the recent IPO of the Gryphon Capital Income Trust explains the benefits of portfolio diversification.

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01 Jun 2018

Conversation with Steven Fleming

McMahon Clarke Managing Partner Sean McMahon chats with Steven Fleming from Gryphon Capital Investments, about their new listed investment trust and whether Australian investors are ready for income investments.

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27 May 2018

Media Release - Gryphon Capital Income Trust lists on ASX

Gryphon Capital Income Trust raises $175.3 million and successfully lists on the ASX.

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13 Apr 2018

Media Release - Minimum Funds Raised

Gryphon Capital Income Trust Offer Minimum Funds Raised.

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12 Apr 2018

Gryphon Capital Income Trust IPO : Where is the risk in seeking income?

Steven Fleming, Partner at Gryphon Capital Investments, explains to Informed Investor the benefits of secured debt.

11 Apr 2018

A message for SMSF investors

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) typically invest in a rather narrow range of assets: equities, fixed income, property, private equity or infrastructure, and cash, but these assets are increasingly correlated under the label of ‘risk-on assets’, reducing the benefits of diversification.

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09 Apr 2018

Industry Moves Q&A with Gryphon co-founder and CEO Steven Fleming

“Our performance speaks for itself”: Q&A with Gryphon Capital Investments co-founder and CEO Steven Fleming.

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05 Apr 2018

Morgans Article highlighting the benefits of diversification

Morgans one of the Joint Lead Managers in the upcoming IPO of the Gryphon Capital Income Trust explains the importance and benefit of portfolio diversification.

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26 Mar 2018

Protecting investors through ‘skin in the game’

Despite the complex name, securitisation is a simple concept. Securitisation is taking an illiquid pool of assets and converting them to liquid securities. Securitisation got a bad rap in the wake of the GFC, but in Australia, there are important differences to the “sub-prime” market in the USA. This video explains the basics of this widely misunderstood asset class.

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22 Mar 2018

The securitisation process explained

22 Mar 2018

Media Release - IPO launch

Gryphon Capital Investments Launches IPO for Gryphon Capital Income Trust, Raising $350 Million

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21 Mar 2018

Gryphon knocks on doors ahead of $350m float

An article from The Australian Financial Review.

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Gryphon knocks on doors ahead of $350m float

02 Feb 2018

Can Australian homeowners handle higher rates?

The average variable home loan rate in Australia has fallen from 8.3% to 5.1% in the past ten years, enabling households to borrow more and drive house prices higher. Despite higher levels of household debt, Australians’ level of mortgage stress is quite low. But what if interest rates go up?

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04 Dec 2017

New fund float hopes for a happy new year

An article from The Australian Financial Review.

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27 Nov 2017

Gryphon announces the appointment of Seed Partnerships for upcoming IPO

Gryphon Capital Investments is pleased to announce that in preparation for the upcoming IPO of Gryphon Capital Income Trust, Seed Partnerships have been appointed to act as Corporate Advisor.