Entitlement & Shortfall Offer—January 2024 - Now Closed

On 29 January 2024, Gryphon Capital Income Trust (GCI) announced a pro rata, non-renounceable Entitlement Offer and Shortfall Offer. The Entitlement Offer (as at 23 February 5:00pm AEDT) and the Shortfall Offer (as at 28 February 5:00pm AEDT) have now closed.

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The offer was being undertaken in response to ongoing investor demand for stable and predictable income. Gryphon believes the funds raised under the Offer and deployed in accordance with the Investment Strategy will achieve the following:

  • Additional scale to expand the Trust’s participation in the RMBS/ABS market, thereby diversifying the Portfolio.
  • Expand the Trust’s investor base, providing greater liquidity for Unitholders
  • Reduce the operating costs of the Trust on a cost per Unit basis.

The Offer is not expected to impact the Trust’s Target Return which remains unchanged or the Trust’s ability to pay monthly distributions to Unitholders during the period it takes to fully invest the additional capital raised.

Entitlement Offer and Shortfall Offer Details

Entitlement Offer and Shortfall Offer Details
Entitlement Offer Ratio 1 New Unit for every 5 existing Units
Offer Price $2.00
Maximum number of New Units that may be issued under the Entitlement Offer 48,632,384
Maximum gross proceeds from the Entitlement Offer $97,264,768

Important Dates

Important Dates
29 January 2024 Announcement of the Offer and lodgement of the PDS with ASIC
8 February 2024 Offer opens
23 February 2024 Offer Closing Date (5:00 pm AEDT)
28 February 2024 Results of the Entitlement Offer announced
1 March 2024 Entitlement Offer Issue Date
4 March 2024 Normal trading of New Units and Additional New Units issued under Entitlement Offer expected to commence on the ASX
5 March 2024 Results of the Shortfall Offer announced
8 March 2024 Shortfall Offer Issue Date
11 March 2024 Normal trading of New Units issued under Shortfall Offer expected to commence on the ASX

How can I obtain further Information?

Do you have any questions in relation to your application under the Entitlement Offer?

Call the Unit Registry information line on:

  • 1300 737 760 (within Australia)
  • + 61 2 9290 9600 (International)

Monday to Friday 8.15am and 5.30pm (Sydney, Australia time)


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